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_ Challenging the traditional notion of


Surrounded by like minded individuals in the city fringe, hideout is 


a beauty co-working studio supporting creative professionals; 


a community of freelancers, provisioning part timers in the expanding gig economy with shared resources, enhanced marketing support, training and networking opportunities as it grows and expands;


a lifestyle spot hosting events and activities to promote creativity and core connections

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Local Hair Stylist


Hideout is an awesome place to freelance at. My clients and I totally enjoy coming to this place before I open my own salon; it’s spacious, has a cool private space which makes people feel at ease and offers wonderful beverages. More importantly, the founder is such a nice and helpful person which really helped making the whole process enjoyable. Thank you!


Eunice Chow,
Eyebrow Specialist


Truly a freelancers haven and taken care by a helpful and friendly founder. Hideouts tasteful studio provides a comfortable and private environment for my customers to relax, enjoy beauty services and chill over drinks, they got it all sorted! Also, the cozy studio is situated near the heart of the city which makes it a real plus! 


Eugene Hong,
Korean Hair Stylist


My time at hideout was short but everyone treated me like family. Great people whom I was happy to share techniques and experiences with. Thank you for the hospitality and letting me be part of your journey. Until next time Singapore!


7 mins walk from Lavender MRT
3 mins walk from Bendemeer MRT

Bus 13 ∙ 61 ∙ 67 ∙ 107 ∙ 107M ∙ 133 ∙ 141 ∙ 145 ∙ 175 ∙ 961 ∙ 961M

Sheltered car park lots available

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